The team is here!
Hannah James and Chris Cheung

As Hannah arrived in May and Chris arrived in July, the LUMIERE team is finally complete! Over the past months, we’ve slowly gotten to know the city, the lab, and have been locked inside a train station. Now we are all excited to get started on the project! Earlier this month, Hannah started processing plant strontium samples with Christophe, and Chris just did her first strontium extraction here with Jake last week! Jake also had his first birthday in Brussels and we celebrated by incrementally sampling cake. 

The next couple of months are going to be action packed for the LUMIERE team. We are all heading to northern Portugal in September for our first bioavailable strontium mapping adventure. Then south to Evora for the Bone Diagenesis conference. Christophe and Hannah are then going to Corsica to do some more bioavailable strontium mapping with researchers from Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle Paris.

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