Christophe and Hannah headed to Paris last month.

As part of ongoing work with Dr Marie Balasse and Mélanie Fabre from the Muséum national d’historie naturelle, Christophe and Hannah headed to Paris last month to discuss all the data generated for the project!

We now have grass, shrub and tree 87Sr/86Sr data for 55 sampling sites to add to 71 sites with paired plant and soil data. We see an interesting spatial patterning of strontium ratios across island, with the highest values (up to 87Sr/86Sr = 0.7168) in the southwest and lowest in the north (down to 87Sr/86Sr = 0.7075).

Mélanie has produced some amazing sequential enamel 87Sr/86Sr data during her PhD (which she presented at the UK Archaeological Science conference in April) and this strontium isoscape is going to be used to investigate the transhumance of these goat and sheep during the Neolithic and Middle Ages on the island.

Stay tuned for publications!

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